Practical Production at our bristol film studios

We’re very much practical production people. Great things can be achieved with 3D graphics and CG but sometimes it’s nice to do things for real, and that was certainly our tack when we were asked to produce a product video for longstanding clients Metrotile - a UK lightweight roofing manufacturer.

Having already shot footage of one of their roofs for another project, we wanted to build on what we already had to keep budgets reasonable, but our client wanted to highlight some of the singular products details, while showing them as part of a broader system.

So we set to work building a green screen backdrop and suspending one of Metrotile’s Shingle profile tiles. Then, using some old school techniques we were able to match the camera motion of the previous job using acetate overlays.

A relatively small amount of post production later and we were pretty happy with the results, as was our client more importantly.

Check out the ‘Making Of’ video we produced: