Bristol is an amazing city. So much more than a nice bridge, Wallace and Gromit and the Natural History Unit at the BBC, Bristol boasts an excellent network of locations, suppliers and talent.

It's true the pace of life is slower here than in London, but don't let that fool you. Bristol is an extremely hard working place when it comes to production. You'll find - or we can help you find - everything you could possibly need for your shoot.

So why shoot in Bristol?

Obviously this won't be your primary consideration (or it might, depending on your priorities) but Bristol is a great place to visit. Recently named the Times' best city to live in, it's no wonder we receive handfuls of job enquiries every month from people in the creative industries wanting to move this way.

The creative industries in Bristol are growing at quite a rate, enticing increasing numbers of people - primarily from London - westward. It stands to reason that with greater numbers of creatives calling Bristol home.

A small city that feels like a big city, handily placed for seaside and scenery, but hardly cut off from the rest of the country. There are jobs — lots of them glamorous, creative, hi-tech and professional — the food and drink are great, and it crams in all the culture you could wish for.

There's considerable costs involved with moving a crew across the country, so don't! Here at Band we offer a production service so you can work with us, and we can be as much involved as you need, from dry hiring the space to briefing us on your creative and shooting with us. We have a great deal of experience working with agencies and direct with brands. We regularly shoot for companies like HP and Roland, and produce content from corporate videos to TV ads and music videos.

Over the last five years we have built up an excellent network from Bristol's enormous pool of very talented freelancers and suppliers, and we have worked on shoots in all kinds of capacities, from offering a gaffer on the day (we have one on site) to assisting in fully crewing shoots for our clients coming in from out of town.

Bristol boasts an amazing network of freelancers, and some great organisations like Bristol Crew, which brings many of them together in one place, and vets its members to ensure an extremely high quality of service.

We're also pretty well stocked for suppliers, with Visual Impact, VMI and Video Europe providing excellent kit hire services, enormous technical knowledge and great support.

And why would you shoot at Band? Specifically why would you shoot here instead of London?

Here's a few good reasons:

Price: Despite its massive popularity growth, Bristol is still competitively priced as far as studio space goes. 

Sound: This is a big one. We hear of plenty of studios that claim to be quiet, that is until a train goes past the window or a plane flies over. It's pretty peaceful here, despite our proximity to the centre of the city.

Facilities: Even if we do say so ourselves (and we do, because we've put a huge amount of work into this place) we have a pretty good set up here at Band, and can cater for all kinds of projects, from simple pieces to camera to car shoots and set builds. Take a look around the site to see if you like what we got.

Parking: It may sound silly, but having space for 15 cars sets us aside from a lot of facilities. So no parking fees and fines to consider!

Accessibility: Bristol is just an hour and a half out of Paddington by train, and this is set to improve enormously with the rail electrification works going on this year. It is hoped this journey will soon be just a little over an hour.

A few brands using Band:


We're always looking to grow our network of clients beyond the south west, and would love to speak to you about arranging your next shoot in Bristol. So get in touch! Or jump on the train and come down to see us - you'll find Bristol a great place to be, and Band a great place to work.