Last month we posted about a film project we have in the pipeline, to adapt a play about Parkinson's Disease into a film.

A big part of the work so far has been raising money via Kickstarter to get the project off the ground, and we're enormously happy to say we did it!

We're hugely grateful to everyone who supported us in getting to our target of £20,000 online donations which, coupled with some very generous offline donations has made it possible to get the project underway.

With that we have begun the pre-production stage in earnest. We have script development, read throughs and rehearsals coming up soon, and we'll be scouting locations as well as doing some set design work for the week of shooting we have planned here in the studio in August.

This is a really exciting project for us, not only because we get to flex a little creative muscle in production, but also because it is hoped that the film will be widely used as an educational aid for universities, hospitals and charities. We're hugely optimistic this will be a tool that goes some way in helping those suffering with Parkinson's by raising awareness of this debilitating disease.

So, a massive thank you to all who donated, tweeted and retweeted, passed the link around and got our campaign off the ground. We've also had invaluable support from Parkinson's UK and Dorchester Arts