Back in April, we posted a behind the scenes video from the set of our first TV commercial shoot.

Now, after much editing, grading, sound design and navigating the required channels to get the thing approved for broadcast, we can finally say the No Drama Roof TV spot is coursing out of people's televisions and into their unsuspecting faces.

Currently, the ad is only going out to a few post codes as a regional test, and on the Sky Adsmart platform, which means viewers will only see it if they meet the specified criteria. Scary right? Big Brother is not only watching, but he's also telling you what to watch.

No bother though, we stuck it on Youtube. Take That, Murdoch.

It's enormously ridiculous in premise and scope for a TV commercial for roofing, but we had the bit between our teeth, the wind in our hair and a really trusting client.

We were also fortunate enough to work with an enormously dedicated, talented crew and Tom will be posting a more technical article with credits, shout outs and more than a few 'big ups'.

In the meantime you can relive those hazy April days with another look at our behind the scenes footage.