Back in March, Band Films - our Bristol studio's production arm, completed filming on its first TV Ad.

We have worked on projects that have aired on television in the past, but this was something of a watershed moment for Band: a commercial broadcast spot entirely produced by us, from concept to post, and filmed in our own studio.

You can read more below, but take a look at the video for a behind the scenes look at making the ad.

The ad was produced for one of our oldest clients, Metrotile, a Wiltshire based company who manufacture and distribute lightweight roofing systems. We have been working with Metrotile for four years, producing company, technical and case study videos.

Given the nature of the product, it might have been expected that we would be asked to produce the 'infomercial' style sales spot, however Metrotile have always been quite radical in their approach, and asked us to deliver a brand building piece - something that would get their name out beyond the trades they work with day today and into people's living rooms.

The advert takes inspiration from some classic rooftop scenes in films (think Vertigo, The Matrix), which meant a pretty epic build, so we designed our set for Studio One. Despite this being a large space, the scope of what we wanted to achieve required some clever design, as well as some very talented carpenters and scenic design to get the right look.

Over 2500 square feet, and featuring build space, direct roller shutter access for bringing in materials or pre-built sections of set, and excellent sound quality for dialogue, Studio One is an outstanding space for television commercial productions of all sizes.

We'll be writing a more in depth technical post for our new Band Films production site, which is coming in June.