Studio Two Info:

300 Square foot
Sound proofed studio space

Cyc Wall:  6m x 4m (3m height)
Access: Double door
Electricity supply: 3 phase
Lighting: 2 x Kino Flo 4 ft 4 bank


Studio Two is available to dry hire as above, however we also offer various packages, from extra lighting kit to having one of our operators work with you on your shoot.

Check out the bottom of the Studio Two page for more details.

We've made some big improvements to our smaller studio.

It was good before, but we've decided to go with excellent! The studio now boasts heavy serge wool drape, which has made an enormous improvement on the quality of sound that can be achieved. As the drape is hung on rails, it also means we can turn our white studio black with minimal fuss, and give our clients a different option for their backdrop, along with our popular chromakey green background which remains installed as before.

Studio Two is frequently used for videos that require great sound quality - it is the go-to place for piece to camera work such as training films and interviews. Good sound can be hard to achieve - we know through building the place how much work has to go into making a space nice and quiet. The addition of these drapes has reduced echo in the studio entirely, with clients already noting the improvements.

Having built the studio ourselves, our DIY skills are now nothing short of above average, but we felt it was best to refer to the experts for this, and brought in Bristol-based Enlightened Lighting to supply and install the drape in Studio Two, as well as drape for the entrance to our larger space, Studio One.

We're hugely happy with the results, and hopefully we'll be showing you around the darkest and eerily quietest corners of Band Studios very soon.