Shooting in a studio environment is great. The control you have and consistency you can attain means you can keep disruption and unforeseen circumstance to a bare minimum. But it's not cheap. So here's a few things to consider when you're planning your studio shoot to ensure you get the most out of your day(s) here at Band.


All shoots are different, be it your set, lighting, time restraints on talent etc, but there's plenty of info you can get from our site before you call to enquire. There are loads of pics with different set ups, and we put the prices on there, up front, so you can decide whether we're in your budget range.

That's not to say there isn't a deal to be done under some circumstances, but you'll get an idea of the ballpark. 

Our facilities page has a good amount of info beyond the pictures, and you can check out details of each studio - and prices at the bottom of each page - by visiting either Studio One or Studio Two.


Websites are all well and good, but nothing beats the real thing (the place is bigger than it looks, apparently).

We always recommend coming down and taking a look round to get a feel for the place. We'll even give you half an hour to walk out your plans and a cup of tea, providing someone else isn't already in your preferred studio. Even then, popping heads around doors is usually okay and will absolutely be of benefit come shoot day.

We always like to meet new clients in person before their shoot when schedules allow, so we can better understand your requirements, and help provide the right answers and information to make your shoot productive.


Shoot days are hectic. There's always a lot to cram in, and virtually everyone pushes to get as much out of the day as possible - understandable given the expense you shell out for studio time.

But be realistic with what you can achieve given the amount you're willing to pay. It's not that we're overly hard-arsed about overtime, but don't come up to the office 15 minutes before we expect you to be out to say you're going to need a couple more hours, because we'll charge you, or worse, we might not be able to accommodate due to staff cover.

So if you want a long day, just give us as much of a heads up as you can and we'll work it out.


Nobody knows the studio better than us. We work in it daily, we shoot our own films here, so we're well equipped to give some pointers and answer any questions you might have in advance of your shoot day.

And, if you haven't shot in a studio before, or just need some extra help, we can provide operators, gaffers, runners etc.